Income Programs

This is where you will find all the info for our top income producing programs.

Our Top Program: The Conversion Pros (TCP)

There are two ways that you can use TCP. As an income producer or its state of the art tools to build any business. The two videos below will give you an overview.

With TCP you get 14 days to try everything out for free. You do not even need to enter your payment info. There is zero risk or obligation.

There are no jokes, tricks or tactics here. Just a free test drive. We have nothing to hide.

This system flat out works!

Hashing Ad Space (HAS)

This is the first advertising and income platform built on the blockchain. It is quickly becoming the go to place to make money with crypto. The whole platform is built with an internal currency, Asimi tokens. These tokens are traded on the waves platform and have actual value outside of the Hashing Ad Space platform.

Earning on HAS is done in two ways by staking and minting Asimi tokens or with view to earn. Staking and minting is explained in the video below.

The second way to earn, view to earn, went live on May 1, 2019. This new system allows you to join free and watch upto 50 ads a day and earn Asimi. After you have watched the ad the Asimi is instantly added to your HAS account. Below is a video that explains the view to earn system in more detail.

There are currently bonuses being given when you join free. You will get 2000 banner ad impressions and free affiliate status.

The affiliate status alone is a golden opportunity that is valued at 30 bucks. The amount that you can earn in commissions on this platform is huge. Everyone will find their way to this platform, it will be that big. It would be to your benefit to have them join under you.

Join free, sign the affiliate agreement, invite your network, earn for years to come. It can be that easy. You will earn from your referrals efforts even if you do nothing yourself!


This is an advertising income platform that has recently had a relaunch. With the relaunch there were some changes to the way that you can earn. This is one of my top programs for earning daily without having to recruit a team.

The above video will give you an overview of the whole platform. I will give you a quick recap here. You can earn as a free member with this platform. All you have to do is join for free and review ads. You will be paid for each ad that you view. You will also earn 25 cents for each free member that joins your team after they review 100 ads.
I highly recommend that you become a basic or higher member. You have much more earning potential. You will get paid when other members view your ads. You will earn when your team review ads. You will earn matrix positions. As you can imagine the earning potential here with a small team is huge. But remember that you can earn without referring anyone!
It is also important to note that the mailings here are very effective. You will get 100% open rate and 100% fresh eyes on all of your mailings. There are no wasted credits here. If your ad expires without all the credits being used they are returned to you. I got sign-ups and joins with every mailing that I send here. The cost per click here is very low compared to most solo sites. When you utilize all of the features of the platform you will earn more than the advertising will cost you.
This is a great platform that will be around for years to come and allows you to earn daily without referring.