Traffic Truth

The truth is that you DO NOT NEED TRAFFIC. What you really need are leads. Leads are people that have raised their hand and said I am interested in your offer. Leads are people that are going to bring you sales. Leads are going to grow your business.
When you have 1000 people looking at your site but none of them are interested in your offer, you are not getting sales. You can get unlimited traffic and still not make money.
The platforms below are where we get leads. Most of them also pay us daily for generating leads.
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This is hands down the best lead source!
They just introduced, May 1, 2019, a new view to earn system. This allows free members to earn Asimi tokens by viewing ads.
Every time that we have placed a view to earn ad on HAS we have received a ton of leads. With these ads you choose the amount of Asimi that you reward for viewing your ad. Members are then paid this amount to view your ad.
You can buy ads using bitcoin or Asimi. You can earn Asimi for free by view ads on the platform or you can buy Asimi on the waves platform.


ShurAds is our second best lead source!

This is also an advertising and income program. When we run a mail ad here we get leads every time. It is free to join but you need to pay for ads. There are two ways you can buy ads with money or credit. To buy with money you can use crypto, paypal, ORU and a few others. You can earn credits by viewing mail ads and by referring others. However, it will take some time to earn enough to buy credits. You an purchase credit in hundreds. Each 100 costs about 3 dollars. When you think about it this is very cheap.

Each credit will be a guaranteed visitor to your page. When you post a mail ad it will be delivered to the specified number of people. The ad will be active for 7 days. If there any unused credits when the ad expires they will be returned to you. This provides a 100% open rate! This is a great lead source.


Adfeedz is our third best lead source.
This platform allows you to get leads for free. There are many ways that you can earn credits on this site. Then you can use credits for your ads. There are many different types of ads. However, the credits can be used for any ad type. This allows you to have many ads of different types running at the same time.
We get a bunch of leads from this site.
When you join free you will get 1000 credits to run some ads and test it out. You can also earn cash bonuses by completing simple tasks.

Free Advertising For You

This platform provides as much free advertising as you want. All you have to do is view ads and complete tasks to earn credits.
When you join for free you will be able to claim promo codes to get credits and ads to start out including 6 solo ads. Use the promo codes “50kbonus” and “welcome2”. There are many different ad types on this platform. You buy impressions for a particular ad type using your credits. Solo ads get around 14% click through rate (CTR). This is much higher than most safelists.
There are many ways to get bonus credits on this platform. The best way is to complete the daily activities and receive activity points. Once you earn 100 activity points you will be upgraded to a pro member. This upgrade gives you more advertising options and gives you more credits for each ad view. You can easily earn this upgrade on day 1 in about 10 minutes.
When you join my team on FAFY you will get my training that will tell you all the ways that you can get more for your effort here. This really is a must join as long as you are active you will get leads here.

Cash Juice

The goal of most social media sites is to entertain it’s users. This network is very different. The goal is to bring people together that share a common goal of making a living off the net.

You may have heard that you are the product of the people that you spend time with. With cash juice you are spending time with other like minded people. There are two categories of people using this network those that are trying to find success and those that are successful.

Both of these types of people are good for you. The ones seeking success will be likely to try whatever program it is you are promoting. The ones that are successful will be able to give you extremely valuable info about what it takes to succeed.

This network launched in October of 2019. I saw it every where. At this time I was not looking for more places to post my offers. I had systems in place that seemed to be working. I try and stick with what is working before trying new things. Once I had these others things all set up and running on their own I decided to give this cash juice a try.

I always try a new system out for at least a few weeks before sharing with my network. This way if it turns out to be a dud I have not sent any of my valuable network down the wrong path. Now that I have given it a good test drive I am ready to share. There is a plan that you follow to be successful on cash juice. All of the users are following the same plan and seeing success.

I have been posting daily on cash juice for about a month, at the time of writing this. The posts that just show in my feed have not gotten a lot of action. I only have 33 followers. I have been getting one or two more daily.

Anyway, the posts that I put in the rotator have done well. I have gotten sign-ups with most of them. As you probably know, some posts are just duds. Don’t stress on those just move on.

There is always a “contest” going on to see who are the top members. My first month on the site I was in the top 100 and given the bronze status. I was very surprised to rise to this level so quickly. I had not been spending more than about 20 minutes a day.

The bottom line is you should be on this site and spend a little time daily and will see results. It is free to join and has the option to upgrade for a small one-time fee.


This is a very powerful advertising platform. There are many tools that I have not even looked at. I really should take some time to check them all out.
Anyway, make sure that you have all 3 of the credit ads running. This is the max that you are allowed as a free member. You will need to click at least 10 ads daily to get your own ads running. Also when you click 10 ads daily you get paid. It is not much a few cents.
When I have extra time I will spend it clicking ad here to get more credits. These credits convert very well.
Use the button below to join me here and I will give you all my tricks.