Tuesday Traffic Truth: Traffic Exchange = Junk Traffic

Today’s truth is about traffic exchanges (TEs) they are a waste of time and effort. You are getting hits to your site or offer but they are junk! People use traffic exchanges as a free way to get eyes on their pages. Everyone is there looking to get their own traffic. Most are not even looking at the pages they are viewing. There are bots that will surf for you. With the bots, you can get more credits and more views but think about it this way, if a bot is getting you credits a bot is also using your credits. Bots do not sign up for anything! There are people that make a pretty good living off TEs. BUT they are usually the site owners. They make money off the people that are using the TEs not the traffic that they produce. The others that are doing OK off the exchanges […]

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Cashjuice

Have you heard of cashjuice? I know the name sounds a little strange but so did Uber at the beginning. Cashjuice is one of the newest networks for internet marketers. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting cashjuice is the place to be. It is similar to a social network. It has a feed where you can see what other members are posting on their profile. Each user has a profile. But that is about where it stops being similar. All members are entrepreneurs. There are two types of people those that are seeking success and those that have already found it. Both of these can win on this network. There is a monthly ranking system that rewards the top 100 members. In my first month I was in the top 100 and given bronze status. This was very surprising to me. I had only been spending about 20 minutes […]

Starting Today Tuesday Traffic Truth

For those that have been on my list for a while you will that I used to do Traffic Tuesdays. I would give my best advice on getting traffic that converts. It has been at least a month probably longer since I have done this. Now today I am changing it to Traffic Truth. I have learned a lot of truths about traffic recently. I no longer believe a lot of what I was preaching before. My goal is to start writing a blog about traffic every Tuesday and sending the highlights in email to my main list. Having success on the net is a numbers game. But not like most people think. Myth: If you have 1000 people looking at your page you should make some money. Truth: it is not just a random 1000 people that you need looking at your page. It needs to be people that […]

Traffic Tuesday: Pigs are flying with this one

Hashing Ad Space continues to be my go-to source for traffic. I get more sign-ups in a day then I do with any of my other programs in a week. The owner, Luke Millard, has created a winner here. He has a vision for the future of the site. He has consistently added new features that have made the site better. The value of the internal currency Asimi will see a huge rise in the near future. The few bucks that I spend daily to keep this traffic coming is less than the amount I am making from my minting and view to earn efforts. Even though it is paid advertising once you use the system for a while you will be able to pay for your ads with the Asimi you are making. It is essential free at this point. As you know pigs were not made to fly, […]

Traffic Tuesday: 15 percent CTR?! They are back…

The traffic was flowing really well for us this week. Have you heard about the site that is getting a whopping 15 percent click-through rate (CTR) for their solo ads? This is huge. I get sign-ups every time that I send one. Oh, and the best part it is totally free. Plus if you join under me I will give you a tip that will give you extra credits each week without clicking your life away. The “secret” to getting the most traffic is to get the most out of your effort. Follow me and I will give you tips that will make your current traffic plan even better. One of my favorite traffic sites is back up and running as of yesterday. They took two weeks off and overhauled the whole system. It is now streamlined and better than ever. I also get sign ups every time I send […]

Now is the perfect time to start collecting bitcoin

Have you been watching the value of bitcoin lately? Over the past few weeks, it has risen around 2000 bucks. The highest that I have seen was 8348! Now is the perfect time to start collecting bitcoin. There are big profits to be made in the near future just for holding it. It is hard to know what to believe. Bitcoin influencers have been saying that a bull run, or great rise, will be happening anytime since November of 2018. Not much has happened until the last few weeks. I started getting curious about bitcoin early in 2017. Unfortunately, I didn’t jump in and start collecting any until November of 2017 when the price was really high. As you may know, the value of bitcoin took a huge dive at the beginning of 2018. I lost a ton of money! Maybe you did too. Needless to say, I have been […]

Traffic Tuesday: The traffic was flowing well this week

It is hard to believe that it is already Tuesday again. The weeks have been flying by for the past month. Hashing Ad Space and the new view to earn system continueto be my top traffic source. I am still getting sign-ups andpeople joining my offers every day. This is paid ads, but theyare pretty cheap considering how well they convert. A new mailer launched last week from one of the most trustedadmins out there. She has been creating winning sites since 1998.This one has a new twist that she is calling “third generation”mailing. I have been getting conversions from all of my mailings. I will stick to my tried and true top sources and always beready to test out the new ones. To have consistent and steadytraffic does take effort. I hope to focus that effort to the sitesthat actually work. Here’s to another week of great traffic.

Traffic Tuesday: This weeks best sources

The traffic game is constantly changing. I track and optimize my own traffic game all the time. I try and pass along this info to you weekly. I have been singing praises to the new view to earn system in my favorite platform for a week now. It continues to be my top recommendation today. I have been getting sign-ups and joins from these ads daily. My worst day over the past week I had 5. These are paid ads, but worth much more than I have been paying. Join free here and claim 2000 banner ad impressions. My second recommendation for the week is FAFY. I click here daily to get credits and keep my ads going. It is totally free. I have never spent even a penny and get leads from this site weekly. It is not every day but at least once a week is good consistency. […]

Traffic Tuesday: Get clicks and satoshi for nothing

I have been busy looking into buying a new house since last week and have not touched the website. However, I have found four houses in the area that we want! We are going out there tomorrow to see them. I am optimistically excited. We are still waiting on the call from our lending giving us approval. I hope this call comes soon. Enough house talk. Today I am telling you about a new program that gets me clicks to my sites daily and earns me Satoshi (bitcoin) too. It is the newest site by Maryanne Meyers. Her sites are always a hit. When it launched I was one of the first to join. I did not get an upgrade. I wanted to see how the site would do as a free member. This way I can give you the skinny as a free member. Anyway, I have been on […]

Weekly Traffic Update: Earn Daily

It is hard to believe that another week has gone by. We had a good weekend here celebrating Easter. My daughter had a blast at the egg hunt with all the other kids and really enjoyed the gifts from the Easter bunny. The traffic machine webpage is not up yet. But don’t worry I do have something for you this week. I have been promoting this program since it launched back in November. It provides me quality traffic to all my offers and also pays out daily. Yes this traffic programs pays me daily. I have purchased some traffic contracts which allows me to make a few bucks everyday. As a free member you can still earn here. But it will only be pennies daily. Each time that I have purchased all or part of a contract I have gotten at least five sign-ups for my mailing list. Many of these sign-ups have […]