How to be a smart skeptic and reap the affiliate marketing bounty

There is a time and a place to be skeptical. In this industry there are scams around ever corner. There are people that want to get as much of your money as they can before you realize they have nothing to offer. After being scammed a few times for 1000 bucks I decided that I was not going to invest in ANY programs. Now, this does NOT mean that I am going to avoid paid services. I am NOT going to give someone that I have never met or know  anything about my money with a hand shake promise that I will get my money  back with a profit. I invested my money in Minerva. I put in 600 bucks. I was seeing daily returns for about 6 months. People that I knew were making weekly withdrawals. The CEO was present in the live webinars. He would answer questions and […]

Make them peanut butter and jealous!

Everyone loved a good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I was a kid. Now people are afraid of allergies. But back then if you went to a friend’s house for lunch you got a PBJ sammy. Now that I am all grown up I tend to make people peanut butter and jealous! My mom calls in the middle of the day and I am at home available to talk. My brother asks if I can pick up the tickets to the game for him, It’s always no problem. My nephew calls for help installing a water heater, uh, right now. He got it stuck in the stairwell. Sure, I’ll be right there. How is it that I am always available? I have spent years creating passive residual income. I stuff my wallet no matter what I am doing. If I am at home plugging away at the computer […]