Tuesday Traffic Truth: Best value on the net

It can be really hard to see through all the crap and find the platforms that will actually get you leads. I have no idea how many sites I have joined with high hopes that have been duds! It is probably in the thousands… This site, Adfeedz, was all the rage when it launched in November 2018. I joined right at the beginning. For some reason, I felt that this was going to be a winner. And for once, I was right! There are a ton of features with Adfeedz. It is much more than a traffic exchange. My favorite feature is its multi-use credits. You can earn free credits or buy them. Then use the credits for ALL the different types of advertising. You just pick which ads you want live and your credits will be deducted as people view your ads. No need to figure out which ad […]

Tuesday Traffic Truth: FAFY an Oldie but a goodie

Are you a member at Free Advertising For You (FAFY)?? This is one of my best lead sources! I am active here daily and get reward for my consistent efforts. I win prizes at least once a month if not more. I always have ads running here. It is really easy to earn enough credits for free to have ads running. There are also a ton of promo codes that you can claim every week. These codes will give you around 40-60k every week. Join my FAFY team for free and I will give you all of the codes for this week! Finding success is easy when you know where to look and who to follow. Have a great week leadsters!

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Get paid ads dirt cheap

HAS is one of my top three lead sources. I always view my 50 ads daily in the view2earn system. I also mint all of my ads daily. I can then use my earnings to run ads. These ads get me leads every time I run them. Last week there was a bug detected in the system. This allowed advertisers to get more views than they were paying for. This is good news for us! All of the bad ads in the system were deleted. This means that there are very few ads available to view. You can get a ton of views on your offers very quickly and dirt cheap right now. Join for free here  After you join message me on FB and I will help you get your ads set up.  Here’s to another week of the leads pipeline flowing full!

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Consistency

Small tasks done consistently will lead to big results Many people rant on social media about how hard it is to make a living off the net. In some ways they are right but in others they are completely wrong. There are small simple tasks that I do every single day. I don’t take off weekends. I don’t skip on Holidays. I do them every single day. When you are just starting out or even when you are a few years in, like me, you need to put in the time. Everyday I am making more money than I did the day before. My team is growing every day. I am by no means rich but am well on the way to a better life. There is a small group of people that I have been working with one on one to help them reach their goals. I have found […]

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Credit based platforms underperform

There are a million credit based advertising platforms out there. More are created everyday. These platforms are not effective forms of advertising. At least most of them are not. The people that are on them daily are all looking to get traffic to their own offer. There are few people that are looking to join offers. When advertising another traffic program the results will be better than say a make money online offer. I have written before about traffic exchanges. TE’s are credit based and provide the lowest quality of traffic.  Today I want to focus on platforms that have banner, text and email ads at the core. The basic principle is that advertisers spend time on the platform daily viewing ads for credits. These credits are then exchanged for publishing their own ads.  The major downfall is that credits are not earned and spent evenly. What I mean is […]

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Daily Routine

Having a daily routine to get leads is vital to online success. It took me a long time to develop a routine that would bring me consistent results. Now that I have figured it out I want to share it with you. These are the tasks in order that I do daily to keep the leads flowing. First I use Hashing Ad Space. I login and minting as many ads as possible. Then I move on to the view 2 earn system and view 50 ads. Then I check on my advertising. I make sure that I have ads running daily. I make more by viewing ads then I spend running ads on a daily basis. This is the best self sustaining ads source that I have! Then I go to ShurAds. I login and review as many ads that are available. There is a daily maximum of 30 but often there are not […]

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Traffic Exchange = Junk Traffic

Today’s truth is about traffic exchanges (TEs) they are a waste of time and effort. You are getting hits to your site or offer but they are junk! People use traffic exchanges as a free way to get eyes on their pages. Everyone is there looking to get their own traffic. Most are not even looking at the pages they are viewing. There are bots that will surf for you. With the bots, you can get more credits and more views but think about it this way, if a bot is getting you credits a bot is also using your credits. Bots do not sign up for anything! There are people that make a pretty good living off TEs. BUT they are usually the site owners. They make money off the people that are using the TEs not the traffic that they produce. The others that are doing OK off the exchanges […]

Tuesday Traffic Truth: Cashjuice

Have you heard of cashjuice? I know the name sounds a little strange but so did Uber at the beginning. Cashjuice is one of the newest networks for internet marketers. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting cashjuice is the place to be. It is similar to a social network. It has a feed where you can see what other members are posting on their profile. Each user has a profile. But that is about where it stops being similar. All members are entrepreneurs. There are two types of people those that are seeking success and those that have already found it. Both of these can win on this network. There is a monthly ranking system that rewards the top 100 members. In my first month I was in the top 100 and given bronze status. This was very surprising to me. I had only been spending about 20 minutes […]

Starting Today Tuesday Traffic Truth

For those that have been on my list for a while you will that I used to do Traffic Tuesdays. I would give my best advice on getting traffic that converts. It has been at least a month probably longer since I have done this. Now today I am changing it to Traffic Truth. I have learned a lot of truths about traffic recently. I no longer believe a lot of what I was preaching before. My goal is to start writing a blog about traffic every Tuesday and sending the highlights in email to my main list. Having success on the net is a numbers game. But not like most people think. Myth: If you have 1000 people looking at your page you should make some money. Truth: it is not just a random 1000 people that you need looking at your page. It needs to be people that […]

Traffic Tuesday: Pigs are flying with this one

Hashing Ad Space continues to be my go-to source for traffic. I get more sign-ups in a day then I do with any of my other programs in a week. The owner, Luke Millard, has created a winner here. He has a vision for the future of the site. He has consistently added new features that have made the site better. The value of the internal currency Asimi will see a huge rise in the near future. The few bucks that I spend daily to keep this traffic coming is less than the amount I am making from my minting and view to earn efforts. Even though it is paid advertising once you use the system for a while you will be able to pay for your ads with the Asimi you are making. It is essential free at this point. As you know pigs were not made to fly, […]