Now is the perfect time to start collecting bitcoin

Have you been watching the value of bitcoin lately? Over the past few weeks, it has risen around 2000 bucks. The highest that I have seen was 8348! Now is the perfect time to start collecting bitcoin. There are big profits to be made in the near future just for holding it. It is hard to know what to believe. Bitcoin influencers have been saying that a bull run, or great rise, will be happening anytime since November of 2018. Not much has happened until the last few weeks. I started getting curious about bitcoin early in 2017. Unfortunately, I didn’t jump in and start collecting any until November of 2017 when the price was really high. As you may know, the value of bitcoin took a huge dive at the beginning of 2018. I lost a ton of money! Maybe you did too. Needless to say, I have been […]

Traffic Tuesday: Get clicks and satoshi for nothing

I have been busy looking into buying a new house since last week and have not touched the website. However, I have found four houses in the area that we want! We are going out there tomorrow to see them. I am optimistically excited. We are still waiting on the call from our lending giving us approval. I hope this call comes soon. Enough house talk. Today I am telling you about a new program that gets me clicks to my sites daily and earns me Satoshi (bitcoin) too. It is the newest site by Maryanne Meyers. Her sites are always a hit. When it launched I was one of the first to join. I did not get an upgrade. I wanted to see how the site would do as a free member. This way I can give you the skinny as a free member. Anyway, I have been on […]

We are BACK!!

After a brief time offline we are back. As there seems to always seems to be there were problems moving to a new hosting company. Lesson learned do NOT let a company that offers hosting as an after thought take your website hostage. We will continue to use Namecheap hosting as we should have from the beginning. It will take some time to get everything back up and running but we will get there soon enough. Check back often.