Cryptocurrency is digital money. It is not the money of the future. It is the money of today!

If you are brand new to cryptocurrency we have you covered. Click the button below.

Cryptocurrency has quickly become the go to for ecommerce. Making a full-time income online requires you to understand and use crypto. These are the programs that we use to claim free crypto and grow our crypto holdings.

This is the first advertising and income platform built on the blockchain. It is the go to place to make money with crypto. The whole platform is built with an internal currency, Asimi tokens. These tokens are traded on multiple platforms and have value outside of Hashing Ad Space. As more programs adopt Asimi the value will continue to increase. The video below gives an overview of the whole platform.

Earning on HAS is done in many ways by minting Asimi tokens, with view to earn ads, by completing surveys, playing games, and as an affiliate. A new minting system was launched in Februray 2021. Unlike most programs there is no staking required. This is the next generation of minting. The video below explains the system.

The second way to earn, view to earn, requires no investment . This system allows you to join free and watch upto 50 ads a day and earn Asimi. After you have watched the ad the Asimi is instantly added to your HAS account. Below is a video that explains the view to earn system in more detail.

Surveys have been an easy way to earn online for decades. The problem with most survey platforms is that the reward is not worth the time required. This is NOT the case here. You can earn enough from one survey to buy 1000 ad credits or more. This is huge for a lead source that converts like crazy. On Thursday, you earn double for every survey completed. I try and complete at least one survey every Thursday.

The newest way to earn Asimi is with games. There are contests or tournaments that run on the games that allow you to win Asimi. There are millions of people playing online games at any minute. Get them playing these games and you can earn. Or just play yourself, there are fun.

There are currently bonuses being given when you join free. You will get 2000 banner ad impressions and free affiliate status.

The affiliate status alone is a golden opportunity that is valued at 30 bucks. The amount that you can earn in commissions on this platform is huge. Everyone will find their way to this platform, it will be that big. As of March 2021 there are over 400,000 members. It would be to your benefit to have them join under you.

Join free, sign the affiliate agreement, invite your network, earn for years to come. It can be that easy. You will earn from your referrals efforts even if you do nothing yourself!

These are the faucets that we use daily

Free Bitcoin

This is an hourly faucet. You can claim up to $200 worth of bitcoin every hour. I have never gotten this much. All you have to do is sign-up free and claim. Claiming requires that you solve a captcha. Easy-peasy! (click the banner above to join)


Cointiply is an hourly faucet. I have earned more bitcoin from this faucet than any other. There is a great bonus of 100% if you claim for 100 days in a row. I was earning this for a few months straight and really made out. All you need to do here is sign-up free and solve a captcha to claim. (click the banner above to join)

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB) is a traffic exchange. This means that you “surf” ads to earn credits. These credits can then be used to receive views of your own pages. This is a great place to advertise your other bitcoin offers, such as Hashing Ad Space and Seriously Simple Crypto. You also earn bitcoin for your first 100 ads view each day. The rewards here are worth the effort. You will get sign-ups in your other programs and earn bitcoin. This is a win-win! (click the banner above to join)

We mine daily here


CryptoTab Browser is exactly what the name says an internet browser that mines. As long as the browser window is open it will be mining.

The mining speed will depend on the power of your computer and the speed of your internet connection. I have a pretty good fiber optic connection and am able to mine about 60 h/s each on two computers.

This browser is built on chrome and has the same functionality. All of your favorite chrome extension should work here too. The speed is great as well. I was using Firefox for about a year and when I switched to cryptotab I was pleasantly surprised that it was much faster.

As I said, I have two computers running this browser all the time. I keep a browser window open and have set the computers not to go to sleep.

Start earning today for free just for changing your browser!

Multiply Crypto and Advertise

My Bitcoin Daily

My bitcoin daily is a subscription program with a matrix and also provides advertising. This is a very easy way to multiply your bitcoin while getting leads for any program you have. One subscription will pay you in bitcoin daily for 365 days, it will give you one matrix position and 150 ad credits every day.
I do not normally recommend matrix programs because they require that you constantly bring new people in to earn. This one is different! With this program you can fill your own matrix with the purchase of one subscription.
I joined this program to multiply my bitcoin, which it has done wonderfully. I was not expecting the advertising to produce many leads. I was very surprised when I started getting leads from my ads. I have been getting a few leads a week form this platform. This is not a lot. However, when I am in the program to multiply bitcoin and the ads are just a bonus this is exciting.
This is a very easy way to turn 0.0009344 BTC into 0.50 BTC quickly.
It is free to join and your first position in the matrix will be given to you by the admin. This means that you can start recruiting other people to the program and earn. You also get 150 ad credits when you join free. This will give you a chance to get some leads too.

Crypto Bulls

This is an advertising income program. I have gotten leads from the ads that I have run and get commissions regularly. I do not promote this program very often. However, I am on a good team that pushes me results. It is great to get commissions just for being a member.
Everyone that joins under me will get a platinum membership, a welcome bonus of 0.001 LTC, an advertising pack, 100% commissions, and flexible payment options. It is completely free to join and get everything above. I don’t recommend matrix programs very often. However, this is a great one and the advertising works. There are no complicated cyclers. Metamask is not required or supported.
You can extend your platinum membership for life for 0.02 LTC. This will allow you to pay once and earn forever. You can earn up to 522,544 LTC.
There is also a litecoin faucet that allows you to claim for free 10 times daily.