How to be a smart skeptic and reap the affiliate marketing bounty

There is a time and a place to be skeptical.

In this industry there are scams around ever corner. There are people that want to get as much of your money as they can before you realize they have nothing to offer.

After being scammed a few times for 1000 bucks I decided that I was not going to invest in ANY programs. Now, this does NOT mean that I am going to avoid paid services. I am NOT going to give someone that I have never met or know  anything about my money with a hand shake promise that I will get my money  back with a profit.

I invested my money in Minerva. I put in 600 bucks. I was seeing daily returns for about 6 months. People that I knew were making weekly withdrawals. The CEO was present in the live webinars. He would answer questions and explain everything that was happening in great detail. I thought I was being careful. I  thought this is a good guy that is helping people gain freedom. Then one day  he was just gone! Thousands of people lost millions of dollars. This scam hurt! When I had been scammed before I saw it coming. There was no face for the  company. The websites were cheap looking. The numbers were too good.

I am never going to hand over my hard earned money to anyone or any company or any website with the promise that they will give it back with a profit.

Here’s the deal, pay for services or tools. If there is a program that is going to provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful business DO IT! If it has an affiliate plan, even better. These tools are going to be worth the monthly cost regardless of the affiliate plan. If you are not willing to put any money out then you are not going to succeed.

Let’s look at the math for a minute.

You join a program that is 10 bucks and get 50% for referrals. That would be 5 bucks for each one. You would need 20 people to join and stick with it to make 100 a month. If you have a program for 100 bucks and 50% for referrals. Then you only need 2 referrals to make 100 a month. Or if you had 20 referrals you would get 1000 a month.

How many people can you refer 2, 10, 20? I have struggled to get more than 10 for years. But 2 is not so hard. The longer you are in this industry the easier it becomes.

The 10 buck program may seem better because of the lower risk, but there is also lower reward! I am willing to bet that you are not going to work your butt off for 100 bucks a month for very long. The goal is to make 500 or 1000 at least.

To reach your goal you need to be a smart skeptic. Minimize the risk and maximize the reward.

Don’t join programs that have nothing to offer, no product, no service, means no good. Gifting programs, investment or promise to pay, “passive income” these are all red flags. A simple scam test, “would I pay for this without making money?” If I would take the pills without making money, try it. If I would use the tools without making money, try it. If I will gain from the traffic provided without making money, try it. You get the point.

Do a quick google search “xyz product scam” and see what you get. There will always be people with complaints. Use your brain and look at more than one. If people have been in for years without being paid, run. If they have been in prelaunch since 2018, run. If they say, I referred no one and made nothing. That just means they did not refer; not that the program is a bust.

It is good to be skeptical when considering to join a new program. Do some quick math. Find a service or product that you believe in whether or not it makes you anything in return. Do a quick search. Minimize the risk to maximize the reward.

I just took a quick look at the stats for my current gig. I am getting higher conversions than ever before. I am getting a service that I would gladly pay for without reward. I have a community of people yelling out praise from the roof tops. Many are even calling this the “money machine” it works so well.

All the hard set up is done for you. Just a few clicks and you are ready to send traffic. The machine is already optimized for conversions and maximum reward. The machine will even show you exactly how to get the traffic.

This is a high quality, converting offer, that is working for thousands of people. Run it through the “tests” explained above and decide for yourself.

Start now; thank me later.

It is the start that stops most people.