Income Programs

Rapid Profit Machine (RPM)

The Rapid Profit Machine, RPM, is the best converting marketing program I have ever seen. As I write this I have been in for 17 days and already have 25 affiliates on my team and have gotten my first commission.

The video below is from the creator of RPM James Neville-Taylor. It is a great video and gives you great information on the program. This is a totally free Done-For-You system.

What makes the RPM different from all the other Done-for-You marketing systems out there?

It includes everything that you need. Not just the pages, videos and training. It includes all the pages with hosting, all the videos embedded in the pages, all the follow-up emails to convert prospects to customers, and so much more.

This system utilizes a new technology autotags. This allows you to clone this entire system with one click. You fill in a few fields and you are ready to send traffic. When I first joined I was skeptical. I spent a day checking to see if everything was actually set up. To my surprise it was.

I have never seen a program this easy that converts like crazy. Just 14 days into the program I had 25 affiliates on my team. I have never seen results like this in any program I have promoted in the past.

RPM is the best affiliate system for 2021 and beyond!

Most DFY systems cost thousands. RPM is free and always will be. This program includes more than most paid programs. I can’t stress this point enough.

RPM is built on BuilderAll, BA, which is the most complete marketing suite of tools on the planet. All the marketing tools that you are paying individually for are included with one monthly fee in BA. BA has blown me away with the power of the tools. They also have a killer affiliate program that will make you a ton of money very quickly. They pay 30% on 2 tiers. This is crazy.

What are you waiting for?

Hashing Ad Space (HAS)

This is the first advertising and income platform built on the blockchain. It is the go to place to make money with crypto. The whole platform is built with an internal currency, Asimi tokens. These tokens are traded on multiple platforms and have value outside of Hashing Ad Space. As more programs adopt Asimi the value will continue to increase. The video below gives an overview of the whole platform.

Earning on HAS is done in many ways by minting Asimi tokens, with view to earn ads, by completing surveys, playing games, and as an affiliate. A new minting system was launched in Februray 2021. Unlike most programs there is no staking required. This is the next generation of minting. The video below explains the system.

The second way to earn, view to earn, requires no investment. This system allows you to join free and watch upto 50 ads a day and earn Asimi. After you have watched the ad the Asimi is instantly added to your HAS account. Below is a video that explains the view to earn system in more detail.

Surveys have been an easy way to earn online for decades. The problem with most survey platforms is that the reward is not worth the time required. This is NOT the case here. You can earn enough from one survey to buy 1000 ad credits or more. This is huge for a lead source that converts like crazy. On Thursday, you earn double for every survey completed. I try and complete at least one survey every Thursday.

The newest way to earn Asimi is with games. There are contests or tournaments that run on the games that allow you to win Asimi. There are millions of people playing online games at any minute. Get them playing these games and you can earn. Or just play yourself, there are fun.

There are currently bonuses being given when you join free. You will get 2000 banner ad impressions and free affiliate status.

The affiliate status alone is a golden opportunity that is valued at 30 bucks. The amount that you can earn in commissions on this platform is huge. Everyone will find their way to this platform, it will be that big. As of March 2021 there are over 400,000 members. It would be to your benefit to have them join under you.

Join free, sign the affiliate agreement, invite your network, earn for years to come. It can be that easy. You will earn from your referrals efforts even if you do nothing yourself!

We earn from these programs but they are more for lead generation

Crypto Bulls

This is an advertising income program. I have gotten leads from the ads that I have run and get commissions regularly. I do not promote this program very often. However, I am on a good team that pushes me results. It is great to get commissions just for being a member.
Everyone that joins under me will get a platinum membership, a welcome bonus of 0.001 LTC, an advertising pack, 100% commissions, and flexible payment options. It is completely free to join and get everything above. I don’t recommend matrix programs very often. However, this is a great one and the advertising works. There are no complicated cyclers. Metamask is not required or supported.
You can extend your platinum membership for life for 0.02 LTC. This will allow you to pay once and earn forever. You can earn up to 522,544 LTC.
There is also a litecoin faucet that allows you to claim for free 10 times daily.

Free Advertising For You (FAFY)

I have been using this site daily for years. It consistently gets me leads. I would say on average 2 or 3 a week. This might not sound like a lot but it is much higher than other free sites.
The kicker is that I earn here about once a month. There are daily, weekly, and monthly drawings for prizes. I get qualified for all of them each time. And I win. It is always a nice surprise to get the email “You just received a deposit” that you are not expecting.
Ask anyone who has been doing this for a while and they will tell you that it is a must use site.