Starting Today Tuesday Traffic Truth

For those that have been on my list for a while you will that I used to do Traffic Tuesdays. I would give my best advice on getting traffic that converts.

It has been at least a month probably longer since I have done this.

Now today I am changing it to Traffic Truth. I have learned a lot of truths about traffic recently. I no longer believe a lot of what I was preaching before.

My goal is to start writing a blog about traffic every Tuesday and sending the highlights in email to my main list.

Having success on the net is a numbers game. But not like most people think.

Myth: If you have 1000 people looking at your page you should make some money.

Truth: it is not just a random 1000 people that you need looking at your page. It needs to be people that are actually interested in what you are offering.

In other words, you need targeted traffic.

If your offer is about coffee you need people that are interested in coffee.

If your offer is travel based you need people that like to travel.

You get the idea.

One thing to keep in mind, whatever your primary offer is there is an affiliate or business aspect to it. Meaning even if someone does not drink coffee that could still join you and make money from selling coffee to other people.

This is where I have focused, making a full-time living off the net.

My recommendation today is Hashing Ad Space. You can earn as a free member. You can advertise as a free member. You can earn more quickly by staking and minting. This site has it all and it is still very new. There are a lot of features still to come. I have been
very impressed with the way the CEO, Luke Millard, has handled all of the hurdles that have come up.

This site has been built for the long term. This site will be around for decades. It is a must join for anyone trying to make it on the net.

Get all the info and join Hashing Ad Space here.

That’s today’s Tuesday Traffic Truth!

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