Traffic Tuesday: 15 percent CTR?! They are back…

The traffic was flowing really well for us this week.

Have you heard about the site that is getting a whopping 15 percent click-through rate (CTR) for their solo ads? This is huge. I get sign-ups every time that I send one. Oh, and the best part it is totally free. Plus if you join under me I will give you a tip that will give you extra credits each week without clicking your life away.

The “secret” to getting the most traffic is to get the most out of your effort. Follow me and I will give you tips that will make your current traffic plan even better.

One of my favorite traffic sites is back up and running as of yesterday. They took two weeks off and overhauled the whole system. It is now streamlined and better than ever. I also get sign ups every time I send using this one. It also pays you to read other members mail and even free members earn. If you are not using this one, now is a great time to join when there are new splash pages are renewed excitement with the overhaul. Join my team and I will give you a bonus, as I always do!

I wish you another week of great traffic.

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