Traffic Tuesday: Get clicks and satoshi for nothing

I have been busy looking into buying a new house since last week and have not touched the website.

However, I have found four houses in the area that we want! We are going out there tomorrow to see them. I am optimistically excited.

We are still waiting on the call from our lending giving us approval. I hope this call comes soon.

Enough house talk.

Today I am telling you about a new program that gets me clicks to my sites daily and earns me Satoshi (bitcoin) too. It is the newest site by Maryanne Meyers. Her sites are always a hit.

When it launched I was one of the first to join. I did not get an upgrade. I wanted to see how the site would do as a free member. This way I can give you the skinny as a free member.

Anyway, I have been on the site for at least a month and it is giving me clicks daily.

As a free member you get 2 ad cards or text ads. You then have to click 10 ads every 2 days for your cards to be active for unlimited views.

I thought that my cards would not get daily clicks but they do.

I also earn Satoshi. You don’t earn on every view, it is about every 3 ads view you get Satoshi. I have been clicking 100 ads daily and have received a good amount of Satoshi. We are not talking big money here but something is better than nothing.

Here is the linky. Join free and set up your 2 cards and click 10 ads.

It will be worthwhile. You will get daily clicks if you play your cards right.

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