Traffic Tuesday: Pigs are flying with this one

Hashing Ad Space continues to be my go-to source for traffic. I get more sign-ups in a day then I do with any of my other programs in a week.

The owner, Luke Millard, has created a winner here. He has a vision for the future of the site. He has consistently added new features that have made the site better. The value of the internal currency Asimi will see a huge rise in the near future.

The few bucks that I spend daily to keep this traffic coming is less than the amount I am making from my minting and view to earn efforts.

Even though it is paid advertising once you use the system for a while you will be able to pay for your ads with the Asimi you are making. It is essential free at this point.

As you know pigs were not made to fly, but with this platform the pigs are flying. I do not say this lightly.

If you are not on Hashing Ad Space you should be.

Join free, claim 2000 banner ads and view to earn some Asimi.

You will not be disappointed with this one. Remember pigs do not fly often.

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