Tuesday Traffic Truth: Best value on the net

It can be really hard to see through all the crap and find the platforms that will actually get you leads. I have no idea how many sites I have joined with high hopes that have been duds! It is probably in the thousands…

This site, Adfeedz, was all the rage when it launched in November 2018. I joined right at the beginning. For some reason, I felt that this was going to be a winner. And for once, I was right!

There are a ton of features with Adfeedz. It is much more than a traffic exchange.

My favorite feature is its multi-use credits. You can earn free credits or buy them. Then use the credits for ALL the different types of advertising. You just pick which ads you want live and your credits will be deducted as people view your ads. No need to figure out which ad types are better than others, the platform does it for you.

Another really cool feature is that you can earn as a free member. It might be really slow to earn, but some earning is better than none. Or you can buy an ad contract that will pay you back 120%. I have contracts running all the time.

This site is great for getting leads and making a few bucks at the same time.

As a bonus for joining my team on Adfeedz, I will gift you 20 flip chances. These could be worth up to 5 bucks each! Everyone that joins gets 1000 credits to check out the ad offerings. Plus you can earn up to 2.50 for completing tasks to learn the platform.

There is also a sale on ad contracts right now. I will give you the details of the sale after you join free.

You owe it to yourself to at least join free, take a look around, run a few ads, and claim your 2.50.

See you on the inside!,

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