Tuesday Traffic Truth: Consistency

Small tasks done consistently will lead to big results

Many people rant on social media about how hard it is to make a living off the net. In some ways they are right but in others they are completely wrong.

There are small simple tasks that I do every single day. I don’t take off weekends. I don’t skip on Holidays. I do them every single day. When you are just starting out or even when you are a few years in, like me, you need to put in the time.

Everyday I am making more money than I did the day before. My team is growing every day. I am by no means rich but am well on the way to a better life.

There is a small group of people that I have been working with one on one to help them reach their goals. I have found that the number one mistake is not doing the required tasks every single day. I have been doing it long enough that I see my effort from the beginning paying off now. 

In fact, someone that has been on my list since 2017, just joined my team yesterday. I had never heard from her before. She had not joined any programs. But yesterday was the day that something clicked and she decided to join me. Writing daily emails for the past two years worked to get her to join me.

Want someone to kick you in the butt and show you what to do and when to do it? I got you!

I know the steps and the simple tasks that you can do to make money online starting on Day 1. Just email me at jim@livethedream6882.info and say help me.

I do not have time to give this one on one attention to everyone. If you are interested act quickly. Want a sneak peak, here is an overview of my daily routine.

One of my top lead sources, cashjuice, is my plug for today. If you are not already a member at cashjuice, you should be. This is a community that is filled with internet, network and affiliate marketers. It is free to join and gives you access to masters and beginners to share stories, idea and leads. There is also huge earning potential here. Check it out.

Here’s to all the leads flowing your way this week!

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