Tuesday Traffic Truth: Credit based platforms underperform

There are a million credit based advertising platforms out there. More are created everyday. These platforms are not effective forms of advertising. At least most of them are not.

The people that are on them daily are all looking to get traffic to their own offer. There are few people that are looking to join offers. When advertising another traffic program the results will be better than say a make money online offer.

I have written before about traffic exchanges. TE’s are credit based and provide the lowest quality of traffic. 

Today I want to focus on platforms that have banner, text and email ads at the core. The basic principle is that advertisers spend time on the platform daily viewing ads for credits. These credits are then exchanged for publishing their own ads. 

The major downfall is that credits are not earned and spent evenly.

What I mean is this, you earn 75 credits for viewing an ad but it costs you 150 to have your ad viewed. The credits are skewed to favor the platform owner. 

Because of this skew, you will be forced to constantly acquire credits to get your ads published. The site is designed to under-perform!

As always, there are a few exceptions. The first one that comes to mind is ShurAds.

On ShurAds you get 100 percent usage of all credits. For every credit that you assign to a mail ad you will get a unique view. When an ad expires any unused credits will be returned to your account. This is the only platform that does this to my knowledge.

ShurAds also has a very fair earning system in place. You earn for viewing ads, you earn for posting ads and you earn for referring others. It allows you to earn more with less daily effort. The cost of credits is also extremely low. Plus, free members earn.

This is by far the best credit based platform that I have seen. It is part of my daily routine and supplies consistent leads to my offers.

Join my team at ShurAds and I will give you my secrets to get the most out of it.

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