Tuesday Traffic Truth: Daily Routine

Having a daily routine to get leads is vital to online success.
It took me a long time to develop a routine that would bring me consistent results. Now that I have figured it out I want to share it with you.
These are the tasks in order that I do daily to keep the leads flowing.
First I use Hashing Ad Space. I login and minting as many ads as possible. Then I move on to the view 2 earn system and view 50 ads. Then I check on my advertising. I make sure that I have ads running daily. I make more by viewing ads then I spend running ads on a daily basis. This is the best self sustaining ads source that I have!
Then I go to ShurAds. I login and review as many ads that are available. There is a daily maximum of 30 but often there are not 30 available. Then I make sure that I have an active mail ad. I make sure that I have a pro upgrade each month. This allows me to earn from the global pool daily and also increases my earning power from my downline.
Next I go to Adfeedz. Here I claim my earnings from the previous day. Then I read offers and surf sites for credits. I try and earn a minimum of 200 credits daily. This seems to be the minimum amount required to get daily leads from my ads. Then I go through and play all of my ads. Then I claim any cash links that are available.
These first 3 programs in my daily routine pay me for being active. I make money every single day from all 3 of these! You do NOT have to be an upgraded member to earn. All free member earn in all 3 programs. These are a great place to start earning off the net.
Then I go to Free Advertising For You (FAFY). This is by far the best free lead source that is under utilized. The amount of leads that I get for the effort is huge. If you are not a member here you definately should be, It is totally free! I start by viewing all of the ads required to earn all of the activity points. Then I check to make sure that all of my ads are still running. All the ads types on this platform get quality views. I make sure to have some of everything running.
Next I go to Leadsleap. This site is also totally free to join and pays you as a free member. Although, it is only a cent or two each day. You can have 3 credit ads running as a free member. I view at least 10 ads here. This is the amount required daily to get paid. Then I check to make sure my 3 ads are still running. There are a ton of other tools here that are awesome. As an upgraded member you can earn big here too.
Then I post updates on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and cashjuice. I belong to a few other social networks but have not found them to be worth the time. I try to post twice daily but it doesn’t always happen. I make post that include some type of motivation or training as well as a tie in to one of my offers. These get the best results. Blatant pitching does not work well. Follow me on the networks to see what this looks like.
Now, I go through my email and address anything that needs attention. I send an email to my list promoting an offer. I help anyone on my team that is having trouble.
Then is there is any time left, I will work on personal development. Reading a business book, blog post, or magazine. Sometimes I will do online training. You need to always keep learning. This internet game is always changing.
That is it! My daily routine simplified.

When you join my team in any of these programs I will give you a bonus. I will also fill you in on all the tips and tricks. Some of these programs have more than others. Here you will find links to join the programs.
Here’s to another week of leads flowing in!


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