Tuesday Traffic Truth: Traffic Exchange = Junk Traffic

Today’s truth is about traffic exchanges (TEs) they are a waste of time and effort. You are getting hits to your site or offer but they are junk!
People use traffic exchanges as a free way to get eyes on their pages. Everyone is there looking to get their own traffic. Most are not even looking at the pages they are viewing. There are bots that will surf for you. With the bots, you can get more credits and more views but think about it this way, if a bot is getting you credits a bot is also using your credits. Bots do not sign up for anything!
There are people that make a pretty good living off TEs. BUT they are usually the site owners. They make money off the people that are using the TEs not the traffic that they produce. The others that are doing OK off the exchanges have massive downlines. If you can get huge downlines in lots of TEs you can get enough traffic that you will get some conversions.
Keep in mind that traffic does not make you money, leads and sales do!
I have done some testing of my own. When I received 1000 hits on my landing page from a TE I got no conversions. However, when I received 100 hits from my top lead sources I got 5 conversions. 100 to 5 is a helluva lot better than 1000 to 0. If you go to google and search traffic exchanges you will see that there are millions of them. You will also see a lot of fodder about how they do not work.
Forget about traffic exchanges and use lead sources that produce results. Here you will find info about all my best lead sources and some tips to get the most out of them.
When you join me in any program you will get a bonus as well.
Use your time wisely this week and get a ton of leads!

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