Tuesday Traffic Truth: Cashjuice

Have you heard of cashjuice? I know the name sounds a little strange but so did Uber at the beginning. Cashjuice is one of the newest networks for internet marketers. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting cashjuice is the place to be.
It is similar to a social network. It has a feed where you can see what other members are posting on their profile. Each user has a profile. But that is about where it stops being similar.
All members are entrepreneurs. There are two types of people those that are seeking success and those that have already found it. Both of these can win on this network. There is a monthly ranking system that rewards the top 100 members. In my first month I was in the top 100 and given bronze status. This was very surprising to me. I had only been spending about 20 minutes a day and was a bronze member. This just shows the power of this network.
When joining something new I am always skeptical. I have joined too many programs that have turned out to be duds. The success that I am seeing in the first month has been awesome. I am getting sign-ups all the time and my following is growing with minimal effort. Anything that takes less than 30 minutes a day and provides results is a winner in my book.
One of the biggest problems that internet marketers have is finding quality people to present their offer to. And then turning these viewers into joiners. This is the best pool of quality people I have found in a while.
This really is a must join! (unless you don’t want more people to join your team.)
It is 100% free to join. There is an optional upgrade that has a small one-time fee. I do recommend the upgrade but I found success without.
Check it out and get signed up. You have nothing to lose.

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