Weekly Traffic Update: Earn Daily

It is hard to believe that another week has gone by. We had a good weekend here celebrating Easter. My daughter had a blast at the egg hunt with all the other kids and really enjoyed the gifts from the Easter bunny.
The traffic machine webpage is not up yet.
But don’t worry I do have something for you this week. I have been promoting this program since it launched back in November. It provides me quality traffic to all my offers and also pays out daily. Yes this traffic programs pays me daily.
I have purchased some traffic contracts which allows me to make a few bucks everyday. As a free member you can still earn here. But it will only be pennies daily. Each time that I have purchased all or part of a contract I have gotten at least five sign-ups for my mailing list. Many of these sign-ups have then turned into joins and profit.
When a contract is purchased you get a guaranteed return of 120%. That means for every one dollar that you put in you get 1.20 back. These contracts do not expire until they have paid out the full 120%. The amount that you earn daily will depend on how many contracts you have and how much revenue the company brings in that day.
This is the fastest growing traffic site on the net. It is also breaking all the records for earning potential and quality traffic. I can’t say enough good things about this one.
As an added bonus if you join my team I will give you 20 flip chances. Each one of these could be worth  five bucks!
Here’s to another week of good traffic for all.

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